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  • FRESH warm water bath
  • Hand blow dry (as opposed to risky cage drying)
  • Trim Toenails
  • Thorough brushing
  • Clean eyes and ears
  • Standard breed cut or trim (hand scissoring)
  • Touch of perfume and a bow for the girls
  • Less stress and hassle
  • Competitively priced
  • All in about an hour!

*Service Disclaimer

Emily's Wags and Whiskers reserves the right to
deny service or to raise the price to those who
do not disclose the true condition of their dog's
coat or temperament.

Emily's Wags and Whiskers
Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming
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Grooming Services

Our Dog Grooming Services


Because there are many different breeds of dogs and cats we are unable to list prices for all. Below you will find an idea of what your pet’s grooms might cost. Also, because of coat condition, weight and behavior the cost may be more or less than the estimates listed below.* Call us for a specific price for your dog!

Bath and Brush include – bath ,dry, nail clip, ears, anal gland expression, ribbon or bandana and fragrance

Full Groom Include – including the above and added full groom of breed specific or customer requested haircut

Small breeds including Shih-Tzus, Maltese, Yorkie’s etc. 

Bath and Brush - $65 ---- Full Groom - $75

Medium breeds including Cocker Spaniels, Terriers, Shelties etc.

Bath and Brush - $75  ----- Full Groom - $85

Large Breeds including Retrievers, Huskies, German Shepards etc.

Bath and Brush - $85  ----- Full Groom - $95

Short hair

Bath and Brush - $75  ----- Full Groom - $85

Long Hair

Bath and Brush - $75  ----- Full Groom - $85


Nail Trims only- $10 per animal

Dremel Nails - $25

Nail Polish - $20

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